Covid -19 effects and our young people


Students in distress

The consequences of the pandemic are hitting our young people hard, affecting their psychological health, their learning and their standard of living.

The health crisis has particularly affected young people under the age of 18, by generating or worsening expressions of discomfort, even distress. Suicide attempts have also increased.

More than 50% of young people interviewed during a French parliamentary inquiry are worried about their mental health, 30% gave up access to care during the Covid-19 for lack of means … it is more than alarming

According to a report published in December 2020 on the effects of the Covid-19 crisis on children and youth, they not only suffer from economic insecurity but also a whole series of educational, emotional and psychological disruptions.

An impact on their psychological health

Expressions of unease, even distress, appear in adolescents and young adults. Suicide attempts are increasing. Students are the most affected. Those who cannot return to their family home or their country of origin suffer from isolation. The lack of social connection and sports activities weighs heavily even on very young children. The numbers of hospitalizations in psychiatry for minors are rising dramatically.

Economic precarity

For students, there are additional financial problems often linked to the impossibility of having a student contract frequently linked to activities most affected by health conditions – restaurants, bars, tourism etc.

The crisis also makes it difficult to obtain a first job or an internship and increases youth unemployment. It is a challenge to maintain optimism without being well accompanied

Provide our support

It is essential to listen to our young people, not to take their distress lightly. Certainly there is no magic wand to remove the source of this stress, but it is up to us, the parents, the carers, to encourage them to find solutions to deal with the situation. To be present at their sides, to show them our solidarity and our presence.

I adapt my support for each young person, according to their age, personality, tastes and needs. Do not hesitate to contact me through the contact page of my site to discuss.

Take good care of yourself and yours.

Yours truly

Denise Duncanson