Who is relational facilitation for?

For couples

Daily grind and lack of effort, lack of confidence in each other, divergent projects, separation… In a couple’s life, we sometimes go through moments of incomprehension, as if the connection is lost.

Relational facilitation allows us to regain a quality of communication within the couple so that the needs of each can be expressed and taken into account by the other.

The goal? Recovering security and complicitywithin your couple and feeling understood and respected. Whatever your couple’s plans are, you will have the cards in hand to undertake the future in a more fulfilling way.

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For families

Parents/children – Brothers/sisters – Children/adolescents/adults – Recomposed families …

The family is a fragile, and often strained throughout life, ecosystem: disagreement in the style of education, children who grow up and claim their autonomy, recomposed families, unspoken issues, mourning, complicated heritages… Everyone’s place is constantly being questioned! The quality of dialogue between members is essential to get through these periods without being invaded by conflict.

Relationship facilitation allows everyone to (re)discover their own needs and emotions and those of other family members. . I bring you the security framework so that everyone can express themselves safely, to say things to each other taking into account the reality of each other, without aggression or fear of offending.

The goal? Recover complicity, sharing, benevolence and security.

For companies, collectives, associations

Bringing together different personalities and skills to serve the same project or business is a real challenge.

  • In business,tensions, power struggles and barriers to change are inevitable. Relationship facilitation is a valuable tool for resolving underlying conflictsand for developing healthy and fruitful relationships between coworkers.
  • When launching a participatory projectbringing together people from different backgrounds (teams, volunteers, inhabitants, users, elected officials…), using facilitation and collective intelligence allows to take into account the feelings, needs and skills of each and everyone and to ensure good cooperation.

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To provide you with an appropriate answer, in a first appointment we will identify your difficulties and expectations, and define the framework, objectives and my role.