How does a hypnosis session work?

When you are under hypnosis, you are in a modified state of consciousness, during which you have access, through your unconscious, to untapped resources of your brain.

Thanks to the hypnotherapist’s technique and your own participation, you focus on yourself in order to achieve this state of trance called hypnosis. You are not in a state of sleep: you remain awareof what is going on around you, free of your choices and decisions.

Who can be hypnotized? Everybody!

Using a variety of protocols tailored to each individual, I accompany children from 5 years old, teenagers, adults, and our seniors.

Quick results

Statistically, satisfactory results are obtained in 1 session (for one third of clients), in 3 or 4 sessions (for a second third of clients), in addition to 4 sessions (for the last third of clients), ideally for one session every 2 weeks.

In some situations, I may advise to complete the hypnosis work with other techniques (Decemo,coaching, stress management) in order to embellish the result or achieve a deeper change.

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How a session unfolds in my practice in Lannion

A first appointment allows you to share your story and set your goals for change. It is also a time to establish a relationship of trust and security. It is also a time to establish a relationship of trust and security.

Then, the sessions usually take place in three stages:

  • Induction:Guided by my words, you pass gently in a modified state of consciousness, depending on the desired depth. Your brain waves slow down and allow you to access your unconscious.
  • Changes:I accompany you in the exploration of your unconscious in order to mobilize the internal resources that will help to move towards the desired change.
  • Return to the normal state of consciousness: after a gentle transition, the session ends with a time of exchanges and questions about your feelings and experience.

When do we use hypnosis?

  • To get rid of fears and blockages (confidence, phobias, bedwetting, stress, pain, shyness, sexuality…)
  • To change a cumbersome habit and regain freedom(tobacco, food, addiction, impulses, tics…)
  • To accept reality and to move forward (death, trauma, accidents, complex, separation…)
  • To develop your potential and take action (dare to start, develop your creativity, regain confidence and self-esteem…)
  • To live a serene pregnancy and give birth in calm and confidence.

Hypnosis to relax! Through 1 single session, enjoy the deeply relaxing effects of hypnosis, or take a journey through thought. Live a pleasant moment as if you were there! A good opportunity also to test hypnosis, to offer or to offer to yourself!

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I invite you to call me to discuss your needs.