My Stress Consultancy practice is located in Lannion Bretagne, close to the airport (Pegasus zone). I can welcome you to a comfortable and safe environment, in complete confidentiality.

You can’t travel, whether for medical reasons, an overloaded schedule, a move or any other reason? I also offer for all who wish anaccompaniment by video at a distance (via Skype, Zoom, Messenger, phone).

Bilingual in French – English, I can follow you in France or internationally.

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1 hour consultation

Please contact me for an appointment and then you can pay the teleconsultation.

Consultation of 1h30

Please contact me for an appointment and then you can pay the teleconsultation.


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Who are the at a distance video consultations for?

For everyone from 8 years old.

There are many reasons for choosing therapy online rather than in-person.
The most common reasons for teleconsultation are:

  • Medical causes: mobility problems, agoraphobia…
  • Staggered schedules, busy schedules, family organisation
  • Moving, expatriates
  • Frequent work trips, nomadic workers
  • Health background

When is teleconsultation suitable?

Online consultation adapts to almost all requests:

  • Seeking a personal improvement, an emotional release, more harmonious relationships with yourself and others: the Decemo method is perfectly suited to video practice
  • Stress management: The sessions offered in the program can be followed at a distance
  • Coaching and active listening to accompany you in the fulfillment of your professional or personal projects, gain in confidence
  • Improving your interpersonal relationships through relationship facilitation
  • Preparing for childbirththrough hypnosis (on the other hand, I do not treat other indications of hypnosis at a distance in general)

How does the contact work?

As with any appointment! Leave me a message (phone, email, SMS, at your convenience) with your availability and a few words on your request. I will then call you back to set up our first appointment and agree together on the video platform.

At each beginning of a session, at the time agreed together I call you on the chosen means of communication.

What is the equipment needed to view on video?

Nowadays, it is very easy to access video tools. A high-speed computer and webcam/microphone, smartphone or tablet are enough.

I use video conferencing tools like Skype, Zoom or Messenger, Whatsapp.

I am equipped with fiber optics in order to go access optimal video quality.

What are the differences with a consultation at the practice?

As soon as the technical questions are handled (which is usually done very quickly!), you will see in practice that video is not much different from a session in presence Some people are even more comfortable at home, in a familiar place, like a cocoon. . We set appointments at times when you know you won’t be disturbed.

I dedicate time regularly with a team of fellow experts in accompaniment to embellish and optimize my practice by teleconsultation.

What is the price of a video session? How do I pay?

The rate is the same as in presence. Payment is made by bank transfer or Card Banq. I can send a link to facilitate your payment.

Do you have any other questions? Would you like to take an appointment?

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