Supervision, for whom?

  • Certified practitioners and people undergoing training in the DECEMO® method
  • Practitioners of accompaniment and personal development (coaches, hypnotherapists, sophrologists, psychopractitioners, etc.)
  • Professionals of accompaniment in general (educators, life assistants, nurses, etc.)

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Why be accompanied in supervision?

As a professional, when we experience:

  • questions about our technique or our relationship with our patients/clients,
  • the fact that the accompaniment goes around in circles and does not move forward,
  • a feeling of “overflow”,
  • a conflict or ethical problem (internal conflict), between peers or with our patients/clients,
  • a perception of imbalance between our personal and professional lives,
  • questions about our therapeutic/relational framework, legal frameworks, ethics, etc.
  • other various questions, related to our professional life…

Supervision invites:

  • to question our activations and resonances with our patients/clients, and to identify links with our history,
  • to question transfer and counter-transference,
  • to deepen our motivation and our intention, to ask ourselves the question “where am I in my professional posture?”
  • to be seen from another angle and take altitude to open the field of possibilities,
  • to find support in an often solitary practice.

Oversight of a supervision session

I adapt to the request, the need, and the professional framework of each supervised person. The supervisory relationship is based on confidentiality, security and non-judgment. This framework allows you to be free to share your doubts, worries, shame, fears, anger, joys, etc.

In supervision, we will be able to seek together if the difficulty you encounter comes from among others:

  • a resonance or a problem related to your quality of commitment (neither over-committed nor under-committed),
  • a relationship problem that plays out consciously or unconsciously, at different levels,
  • a technical or theoretical key, which you lack to best accompany,
  • a question about the therapeutic framework or support in general (ethical, legal, etc.)
  • a difficulty in the overall process of the accompaniment brought as a “clinical case”,
  • and other miscellaneous reasons

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On a technical note, I am trained in supervision as part of the DECEMO® method by Enguerrand de Christen Trained in DECEMO® since 2016, I follow a process of continuous training and continuous updating, both on my therapeutic practice and supervision.

With Enguerrand de Christen, I co-lead cycles of therapy groups for therapists trained in DECEMO.® These provide me with keys to reading and analyzing their professional practice, which nourish my practice as a supervisor.

My personal and professional experience has led me to take some altitude, to bring brightness and confidence in the internal resources of each person, even in complex or difficult situations I also like to add creativity and openness in my supervision accompaniments, to make a place for new perspectives and solutions.

Practical information

The sessions can be organized by videoconference (link to videoconference page) from wherever you are (in French and English), or face-to-face at my office in Lannion (22) and occasionally in Paris and Lyon.

  • Individual supervision: follow-up can be done on a case-by-case basis in a session or as part of a scheduled follow-up. 85 € per hour
  • Collective supervision: in small groups, in a cycle with a commitment on the number of sessions established in collaboration with the grou 100 € for 4h, 150 € for 6h

If you have any questions, wish to make an appointment, do not hesitate to

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