Hypnosis, EMDR, TCC, NLP, coaching… Today there are many tools and therapies to help us live a more serene life, to overcome conflicts, to traverse a period of professional or personal change…

However, we are all different: each has his own ways of functioning, their strengths, their limiting beliefs, their traumas, their needs…

That’s why every accompaniment I offer, from a range of short therapies, is unique and tailored to you. Together, we will identify your own inner resources and you will quickly learn to mobilize them to regain control of your emotions and nourish your needs.

I also interact in businesseson the themes of stress management, interpersonal relations and facilitation of collective intelligence> Read more

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Tame your stress!

8 sessions to give you the keys to understand your stress and learn how to manage it. Become self-reliant and cope with any stressful situation.

  • Personal sessions for individuals
  • In-house workshops for business
Stress Management Program

Free yourself from your emotional blockages

Feeling overwhelmed by recurring emotions? Do you want to unravel some trauma or emotional shocks, and finally move on with confidence in life?

As a certified practitionerof decemo®-relational, I will accompany you in a posture of empathy and security so that you may release your blockages.

Decemo / EMDR

Gain serenity with hypnosis.

Stop smoking, OCD, phobias, dare to move forward, or simply relax…
With a degree in Ericksonian hypnosis and NLP, I will guide you in exploring your unconscious to move towards your desired change.

  • Individually
  • Preparing for childbirth by hypnosis Ericksonian Hypnosis
Ericksonian Hypnosis

Overcome conflict and soothe your relationships.

As a relationship facilitator, I help you, your couple, your family, your team, to overcome your conflicts to (re)discover a balanced and serene communication, respecting your ecosystem.

  • Couples
  • Families
  • Businesses, collectives, associations…
Relationship facilitation

Become an active actor in your projects

Take stock of your desires, your skills? Fighting procrastination? Dare to act? Dare to act?
Through coaching sessions, I offer active listening and concrete actions to take in order to get youmoving towards your goals.

  • One to one (individuals, entrepreneurs, project developers…)
  • As a group

With supervision, take a step back from your professional practice

Supervision thus offers a space for constructive questioning and development of our professional practice.

It also allows you to take time to celebrate your successes and nurture your legitimacy as a professional.


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Consultation at a distance

Difficult for you to travel ?

Most of my accompaniments are possible by video, in French or in English.

Why don’t you give it a try?

find out more about teleconsultation