A bespoke toolkit to manage your stress

The program is based on several techniques derived from brief therapies:NLP (neurolinguistic programming), hypnosis, CNV (nonviolent communication), CBT (cognitive behavioral therapies), polyvagal therapy...

I adapt this range of tools to each client, depending on their experience and the way they operate. So every session is like you: unique!

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How the stress management program works

The program runs over 8 sessions.

After a first appointment to get to know and discuss your problem, the sessions follow a logical progression during which you learn:

  • To understand your own reactions to stress
  • To explore your patterns of negative thoughts
  • To master the different stress management techniques that suit you best (breathing, muscle and mental relaxation…) through concrete exercises.

All the equipment to practice at home is provided (exercise sheets, MP3…).

After 3 or 4 sessions, you will already be on your way to autonomy. You will see, you will get a taste for it!

For children and adolescents, the number, pace and duration of the sessions will be established between the parents, the child and myself at the end of the first discovery appointment.

In the practice in Lannion or by video

This program is adapted for both in my practice in Lannion,
as well as at a distance in France or internationally by video (Skype, Zoom, Messenger, or phone).
I can help you manage your stress in French as well as in English, my native language.

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