Coaching goals

Coaching can be useful at different stages:

  • Take stock of your desires, your connection to your environment, your life goals
  • Take stock of your skills, resources and talents
  • Imagine and put in place a concrete and achievable action plan
  • Fight procrastination and get you into action to achieve your goals
  • Moving forward and gaining confidence in yourself by daring to act

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How does coaching work?

The sessions last about 1 hour.

Initially, we work together to establish an aid contract, specifying the role of each individual and the confidential framework of the process. The foundations of a relationship of trust are laid.

Once the goals are set, I propose various proven tools (active listening, mindmapping, creative collages, brainstorming etc …) in order to advance on your journey, step by step.

Depending on your preferences, the sessions can take place in my stress counselling practice in Lannion, in another location that suits you, or at a distance by video or phone.

I invite you to call me to discuss your needs.