Decemo®: a comprehensive approach to overcoming emotional and relational blockages

The Decemo® method is aimed at anyone with emotional and relational difficulties in everyday life, from the age of 8.

Its specificity is to take into account the human being in all their dimensions: physical, emotional, mental, social, energetic… To do this, it combines several techniques from brief therapies. All this makes working with Decemo richer and more complete, even in complex emotional situations.

>Techniques used in Decemo®,which I adapt on a case-by-case basis: EMDR, IFS, CNV, NLP, Polyvagale theory…

Graduated as a “Decemo Practitioner®” , I accompany you in an in-depth way, gently and safely, to unravel the protective patterns and mechanisms that have been built on the basis of an insecure attachment or traumatic experiences.

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How Decemo’s accompaniment unfolds

The first session is devoted to a discussing your history and to set your goals. It is also a question of getting to know each other and laying the foundations for the relationship of trust and security essential to the success of therapeutic work.

The following sessions take place in a very dynamic way. There are no two sessions alike! Over the course of the problematics that emerge during our discussions, I adapt my range of tools in order to gradually unravel your blockages and difficult emotions.

Key applications of the Decemo method

  • Trauma:sexual abuse, catastrophes, loss of a child, incest, armed conflict, etc.
  • Emotional shocks: bereavement, divorce, dismissal, burglary, relocation, life changes generating sufferance.
  • Phobias
  • Broad emotional themes: lack of confidence, poor self-image, compulsions, etc.

Diplomas acquired in Decemo

  • Technician Decemo® in 2017
  • DecemoPractitioner® in 2018
  • Facilitator Decemo® in 2019: seasoned practitioner (more than 100 people accompanied), supervised in her practice, whose technical skills and technical finesse are validated
  • Decemo-RelationalPractitioner® in 2020: practitioner who can accompany complex situations and defensive systems, who is supervised in her practice, and whose skills Decemo® and Decemo-Relational®are certified

Totally convinced by this method that echoes my experience and my values, I am one of the founding and active members of the Federation of Decemo Practitioners..

NB: The Decemo® method is intended to accompany people in their personal development. It is a non-medical supportive approach for people with good emotional and mental health. In accordance with Article L4161-1 of the Public Health Code, any therapeutic support can only be under the responsibility of the medical profession.